Adventures with Fermented Foods, March 3rd 2019


Janine and I are looking forward to continuing our seasonal herb walks and workshops and have been busy researching and trialling exciting new recipes for 2019. Why not celebrate the early spring by joining us on our fermented food adventure …

Adventures with Fermented Foods. March 3rd 2019, 1-5pm

In this workshop you will explore the traditions, flavours and health benefits of lacto-fermented foods. Learn how the inclusion of medicinal and culinary herbs will not only enhance the flavour of your preserves, but also their health properties.

Plus make and taste a range of delicious preserved foods which includes:

fermented fruits & vegetables …

• Preserved lemons • Sauerkraut • Fermented berries

… delicious probiotic drinks …

• Water kefir • Beetroot Kvass • Rejuvalac • Green Goddess Botanical Brew

 … & fermented milk / nut milk

• Almond milk yoghurt • Cultured butter & buttermilk • Cultured nut cheese


The workshop costs £65 per person and includes a delicious afternoon tea, handouts and recipes, plus homemade goodies to take home.

We only have 8 places for this workshop, so please do let us know if you are interested in coming along – these do get booked up quickly!

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