One-to-One Nutrition Consultations


A one-to-one nutrition consultation gives you the opportunity to explore how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your health and wellbeing.  A nutritional therapist aims to help discover any underlying factors that might be contributing to symptons.  We take into consideration your biochemical individuality, genetic history, your diet, lifestyle, symptoms and any medication or supplements that you are currently taking.

My job is not to diagnose and I don’t treat symptons.  My aim is to help identify any body systems that might not be working optimally and support the body and its innate ability to heal itself.

To do this, I will ask you to complete and return a questionnaire before we meet, which will provide me with an opportunity to become familiar with your case before we meet, and will provide a good starting point for our consultation.  During the consultation I will listen to your story and build upon the information from the questionnaire, to really understand what is going on for you.  We may discuss the benefit of laboratory testing to help us understand any factors that might be underlying your symptons.

Finally, together we will design a delicious diet and lifestyle programme that is realistic for you.  We may also discuss a supplement programme, if felt to be of benefit.  I will provide you with a summary of the consultation, menu ideas, recipes and lots of inspiration to get you going. My help and support is available to you throughout the duration of our programme.

The duration of a recommended programme will depend upon your needs, however it is realistic to expect an average programme to consist of three consultations. This can be booked as a package at a reduced rate.

Nutritional therapy works very comfortably alongside conventional medicine and, with your consent, I will work collaboratively with your GP and any other health professionals involved in your care, to help ensure the best support and outcome for you. I also work closely with a network of other complementary therapists which enables me to understand when a different therapy, or a combined approach, may be more beneficial for you.


Initial consultation (1 ½ hours)     £120

Follow-up (1 hour)     £80

Package (initial consultation, plus 2 follow-ups)     £250

Any costs for supplements and laboratory tests would be additional.