As a parent, I understand that knowledge is only the first step and that putting nutritional strategies into place is not always easy with children!

This is why I can offer a two-step consultation for working with children.

Step 1 – I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and have an initial 30 minute conversation to learn more about your child and the concerns you have (this is usually done over the phone).

Step 2 – I would like to meet you and your child.
Where possible, we will make this stage very practical – encouraging your child to taste-test some different foods or put together a delicious recipe.  Using simple steps and reward charts, we will help you and your child to implement any recommended dietary changes.  Allow one hour for this session.

My help and support is available to you throughout the duration of our programme and you will be given a weekly call-in slot so we can touch base and fine-tune the programme as we go.


Initial consultation (1 ½ hours)     £120

Follow-up (1 hour)     £80

Caterpillar’s Kitchen 1-1 Experience  (step 1 and 2)     £160

Please note: children with more complex health issues may require a more in-depth clinical approach.  All children under 18 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult.