For Teens

The Eat Yourself Fabulous: Teen Girl Programme
A series of practical, food-focused workshops which have been successfully run as part of the curriculum and as an extracurricular club.

These workshops have been designed to help teenage girls make the connection between what they eat and how they feel, during this period of growth and change, plus provide opportunity to experiment with simple food prep and delicious ingredients.

“Everyone that was involved in Belinda’s workshop enjoyed it so much, we all found it very interesting to learn about what types of food are good for the body or could help the body to function.  Being able to get involved making different foods has encouraged us to put what we know into action for outside school.  I definitely would like to be involved in more sessions in the future.  I am so glad I attended the workshops, not only was it really fun getting involved but because it was very informative; I have learnt so many useful things.  The 4 week workshop has inspired me to learn more and helped me realise this is something I would like do in the future.”

Marisa, aged 17

“Belinda Blake recently attended our school to run some healthy eating workshops for a cohort of female students from years 10-12.  The workshops were brilliant, fascinating and totally appropriate for the group.  The practical nature of the workshops engaged the students and meant they could easily put their new knowledge and skills into practice.
They all learnt so much from Belinda, who was so professional and put an enormous amount of effort into making each week of the course more interesting.  We are currently working on some plans to make Belinda’s sessions a permanent fixture at Rivers Academy, we are very much looking forward to working with her again in the near future”

Hazel Bottomley, Health and Social Care Department

Costs: one hour curricular workshops for a group of 15 girls start at £255